• Tulio Dream Lights are the answer to children’s night lights that every parent has been waiting for. These colorful night lights have been designed by a parent for parents, and with fun designs and features for children too!Minimum order of 5, mixed styles.Suggested retail price: $34.99

  • The perfect bouncy gift for toddlers.. Gift-boxed and complete with pump, They will keep your little one amused for hours – and wear them out for bedtime!  Minimum order of 10, assorted colors and animals. Must be ordered in multiples of 10 Suggested retail price: $32.99

  • The Bundle Blanket is a soft, durable water-resistant travel blanket and play mat that can be used both indoors and outdoors to keep your little ones comfortable during play time (or nap time).  Suggested retail price: $69.99 Minimum order of 4, assorted colours and animals.

  • EZ Squeezees are the refillable and reusable squeeze pouches for kids. Prefilled puree pouches are expensive and create waste every time they are used.  Suggested retail price: $11.99. Minimum order of 1 case pack of 10.

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